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01/28/99  Letter of recreation to Mohammad Hamzeh?  New  
 01/28/99  How to resolve a conflict?  New  
 01/26/99  Our kids do not need it.    
01/24/99  Kolich will take retribution against our children    
 01/21/99  Kolich wants Hooman for his team?????  
01/21/99  Letter of Borough Attorney to Hooman Hamzeh    
01/21/99 The soccer rules and regulations are a disgrace    
 01/21/99  Traveling Team Regulations made by 4 city officials    
 01/20/99  What happened after the meeting    
 01/20/99  Detail report from the soccer dispute meeting    
 01/20/99  Has the Hooman issue been resolved???    
 01/16/99  I truly have to say that I am on Mr.Kolich's side    
 01/14/99  Editor's comment    
 01/14/99  New meeting planned by Mr. Klunk and Mr. Kolich    
 01/14/99  I'm for Hooman.    
 01/14/99  Let us remain optimistic and Pray by: Pete and Laurie Schiro    
 01/13/99  Letter supporting Hooman's play    
 01/13/99  Letter from Hooman Hamzeh responding the Cahill ... letter    
 01/10/99  Letter from Cahill and Giordano Families supporting Mr. Kolich
Also from Kevin and Nancey McAuley
 01/04/99  Questioning letter to Recreation Department    
 01/01/99 Mohammad Hamzeh's position in first meeting with recreation dep.    
 12/30/98  Rutherford Soccer Team Dispute