It is not over yet! Kolich wants Hooman for his team

1/21/99 from
By Mohammad Hamzeh

Finally we received a letter stating that Hooman can play and asked us to contact Mr. Kolich to assign him a team!
I called Kolich and he said "Hooman should play in my team!!!!!!!!"
I told him Hooman does not want to play in your team, I don't like your behavior and he has already been selected for the other team and he wants to play in other team.
Kolich answered we can only give Hooman chance to play in my team.
Why Kolich is insisting Hooman to play in his team??
Why doesn't he let Hooman to play on the other team??
I would like Councilwoman McPherson who attended our meeting and expected me to contact her for any problem answer my question?
Who made Kolich the president of the league?
Why is he causing this much trouble?
Can we find something in his past or Mr. Klunks past to explain this behavior?
I am sure there are honest people out there that can answer these questions and they will find us and reveal the facts that may help us to get to the bottom of this.

Mohammad Hamzeh

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