What happend after the meeting?

1/20/99 from mhamzeh@home.com
By Mohammad Hamzeh

I took a quick look at the regulation sheet and I was thinking!

Who made these?
Did they consult all coaches and players about these rules?
Why are there so many exceptions that President of the League and Superintendent of Recreation (Kolich and Klunk) should decide?
It says that coaches are appointed by president of the league, but it doesn's say that where does president of the League come from.
Why is the theme of the rules so instructive and one directional and forceful.

I didn't wait any more and prepared and faxed the following to Mr. Klunk imediately.

Rutherford Recreation Department
Mr. Joe Klunk
Fax: (201) 460-3018


Dear Mr. Klunk,
I have reviewed the copy of traveling team regulations that I received today. I am hereby suggesting to distribute it only as an initial draft of future regulations and let others give us some input to these regulations too. I personally believe in this regulations the opinion of players and other coaches is totally disregarded.



Mohammad Hamzeh
January 19, 1999

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