Details of soccer dispute, 1/19/99 meeting

1/20/99 from
By Mohammad Hamzeh

In this meeting in addition to Mr. Ken Kolich, Mr. Joe Klunk and me, two new members were present. One was the borough attorney Mr. Mike Donovan and the other was The Councilwoman Ms. Bernadette P. McPherson.

I write all my recalls from this meeting in the form of a dialog so it will be easier to read.

Conversation started by Mr. Donovan asking me if Hooman is still interested to play?
Mohammad: I don't know! I am not here for Hooman's play. I am here for his rights to play. After we establish that he can play again, I will ask him and he will decide.
Mike: We have already decided to give Hooman another chance to play and we have also prepared some regulations for traveling team, this is a copy, why don't you take some time to read this?
Mohammad: (While receiving the copy) Regulations is good, with regulations if there is a problem, we can object the regulations and work on changing them. But this regulation did not exist before and what has happened was totally unlawful. Before discussing any new regulation I expect a letter from recreation department to apologize for this illegal discriminatory decision and inform us that Hooman can play again.
Mike: (Looking at others) I think we can prepare something, what is your address Mr. Hamzeh, ...
Bernadette: These regulations should be accepted and signed...
Mohammad: I am not signing any thing and I am not even going to look at these regulations at this time. I must receive these regulations at the same time and the same way that other parents may receive.
Mike: This is just one copy for you to review, you will receive another copy with others.
Mohammad: Do you want me to publish it on the net?
Mike: No, I think it is better if we distribute it.
Ken: We can do it in practice time.
Bernadette: I wanted to add that these types of problems do not have to go on the Internet? Internet makes others involved and many of the people read only one side of story and may reach to wrong conclusions. We can discuss and resolve problems without taking it out to public.
Mohammad: When this problem started, first I talked to Mr. Kolich alone, Then I talked to Mr. Klunk, and then we had a meeting all three of us, but I got no result? And In my opinion if we are getting somewhere today, it is because of Internet.
Bernadette: That's nor true, We have already been working on this problem!
Mohammad: Rutherford News is the voice of Rutherford People, There are hundreds of other problems in Rutherford that will be discussed in future, for example the procedures of registering new students in Rutherford schools is in most part a harassment not registration!
Bernadette: (While handing out one of her business cards) Mr. Hamzeh, we are your representatives and you should bring these problems to us and let us work on it.
Mohammad: I thank you and I will certainly do it in future. But Internet news is a perfect way of communication and it does not always have to discuss problems? It can report improvements and success stories and unite the people in the best possible way.

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