Letter of Borough Attorney (E. Michael Donovan) to Mr. Hamzeh


January 19, 1999

RE: Borough of Rutherford/www.Rutherford.cc Web Site

Dear Mr. Hamzeh:

Per our meeting of this date, I have written to your son regarding the Rutherford Recreation Traveling Indoor Soccer Program. There was also discussion during the meeting regarding the use of the above listed web site to transmit information dealing with the soccer program and the disagreement involving Hooman. Confusion has resulted from the Rutherford.cc web site in that some internet users believe said web site to be an official Borough of Rutherford web page. The Borough of Rutherford has a reserved web address and in order to avoid confusion, I would request you place a disclaimer on the web page stating said site is not the official Borough web page and not affiliated with the Borough of Rutherford. I believe it was the opinion of the Borough of Rutherford representatives in attendance at the aforesaid meeting that the use of the web site as an open forum on the present matter is not the best method of communicating and it is hoped more personal means are used in the future.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Very truly yours,


cc: Councilwoman Bernadette McPherson
Councilman Bruce Bartlett
Superintendent Joe Klunk
Mr. Ken Kolich