Letter of Borough Attorney (E. Michael Donovan) to Hooman


Mr. Hooman Hamzeh
330 Park Ave.
Rutherford, New Jersey 07070

RE: Rutherford Recreation Traveling Indoor Soccer Team

Dear Mr. Hamzeh:

This shall serve as a follow up to the meeting which took place on January 19, 1999 between your father, Councilwoman Bernadette McPherson, Recreation Superintendent Joe Klunk, Coach Ken Kolich and myself regarding your participation in the Rutherford Traveling Indoor Soccer Program. I'm sure your father has related what took place at the meeting and that you have been extended an offer to join the program but I thought it advisable to explain the position of the Borough of Rutherford Recreation Department in this matter. Your father gave me permission to write directly to you but I would appreciate if you would share this letter with your parents.

The Rutherford Recreation Department has as one of its responsibilities the organization and running of numerous youth sports programs throughout the year. This requires a small staff to devote many hours on a weekly basis so as to insure the programs function in an efficient manner of the betterment of all participants. The Recreation Department must rely on a dedicated group of volunteers to provide staffing as coaches, score keepers and officials. Without their time and effort the various sports programs would not be available to the residents of the Borough. Although not as a resident of the Borough I have come to appreciate the time and effort put forth by the various volunteers and believe they reflect the sense of community for which Rutherford residents take the rightful pride.

When I first became aware of the controversy involving yourself and the aforesaid soccer program in late December 1998, I met with Messrs. Klunk and Kolich and also spoke with councilwoman McPherson to determine how best to resolve the matter. It appears that there were misunderstandings on both sides and inter-personal communication could have been better between the involved parties so as to avoid the resulting hurt feelings. I can assure you if was not the intention of either the Recreation Department or Coach Kolich to

Editor's Comment: This was the first page of the letter and as you see the sentence is not completed, Following is the second page of the same letter.

In order for all participants in the various Rutherford traveling sports programs to be made aware of the rules and regulations of the programs and their obligations to same it was determined that a written set of rules and regulations would be promulgated applying to both players and coaches alike. Your father received a copy of same and every individual involved in the traveling programs will be required to agree to conform to same by having a parent sign the form and return it to the Recreation Department. I have reviewed the rules and regulations with the Recreation Department and Councilwoman McPherson and we believe them to be fair while at the same time not imposing too great a burden on the players and coaches.

While appreciating it is your decision as to whether to join the indoor traveling soccer program, I hope you decide to do so. I think your involvement in the program will prove to be a positive learning experience for all involved and hopefully new friendships will be fostered. Please notify Coach Kolich as to your decision so that he can take the necessary steps to register you with the league and assign you to a team.

Very truly yours,

E. Michael Donovan

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cc: Councilwoman Bernadette McPherson
Councilman Bruce Bartlett
Superintendent Joe Klunk
Mr. Ken Kolich