Letter to Rutherford recreation Dep.

January 1, 1999

Recreation Department
Borough of Rutherford
176 Park Avenue,
Rutherford, NJ 07070

In December 9th, 1998, We received a call from Mr. DePinto and Mr. Finelli (Coach and assistant coach of the new in-door soccer team) asking my son, Hooman Hamzeh to play in their team. Hooman accepted the offer and purchased the necessary equipment and attended his first practice session on December 12th.
On December 14th we received another call from his coach, informing us that Hooman's former coach Mr. Ken Kolich who is also the president of the league does not allow Hooman to play.
Since then I have had telephone conversations and meetings with Ken Kolich and Joe Klunk at Rutherford Recreation Department trying to resolve this matter.
Neither Mr. Kolich nor Mr. Klunk provided me with an explanation or documentation indicating that they have rights to exclude Hooman or any other child from recreation activities.
I am hereby requesting a written, detail explanation for this decision along with copies of any supporting documents that you may have to stop Hooman Hamzeh from playing in in-door soccer team coached by Mr. DePinto.
Rutherford's Recreation department will remain responsible for all past and future practice sessions and games that Hooman has not been or will not be allowed to attend.
Please forward your response as soon as possible to my address as follows:

Mohammad Hamzeh
330 Park Avenue,
Rutherford, NJ 07070



Mohammad Hamzeh