Hamzeh's position discussed on Dec. 22nd meeting

The first meeting of Joe Klunk, Mohammad Hamzeh and Ken Kolich was on December 22, 1998. The outline of Mr. Hamzeh's position in this meeting was as follows:

  • Recreation department has no right to discriminate or exclude a Rutherford citizen from recreational activities and their decision is an unlawful act of discrimination.
  • Coaches or recreation department may not enforce any rules that is not documented and is not approved by all the players and their families or violates other state or federal laws.
  • We do not tolerate any discriminatory or illegal decision in the city of Rutherford and use all available forces to inform the public and prevent such decisions.
  • Recreation department may potentially create the grounds for a lawsuit against the borough of Rutherford as a result of their unlawful decisions.

Mr. Hamzeh's comment after the meeting:
In this meeting I was told that Hooman is not permitted to play because he quitted his out-door team two times. I asked them if they have any documented rules to support their decision and if they have informed the players about such rules? and there are no documented or approved rules.
If Recreation department can exclude someone from recreational activities, we may soon see that sanitation department does not collect some on's garbage or Fire department refuses to accept call from certain families, police department refuses to help certain victims and it goes on and on.
I think Mr. Kolich just can't accept that other coach is getting better players, and I also think that Mr. Kolich has worked hard and has done his best and his disagreement with Hooman's play was just a childish act of jealousy. But just because he is a good man, does not mean that recreation department has right to support his unlawful decisions. Recreation department has legal responsibilities and must serve all Rutherford people not just one coach.
I told them what I think and left the meeting earlier to give chance to Mr. Kolich and Mr. Klunk to discuss this matter and make a wise decision and call me back.
Next day morning I went to recreation department and asked Mr. Klunk that he didn't call me. First he denied that he was supposed to call me and inform me of the final decision and then he said "Nothing is changed" meaning that Hooman can not play. I told him that I will send him a letter and expect a written explanation for this decision.


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