I'm for Hooman.

1/14/99 from Munk2002@aol.com

Dear Editor:

  I am a child from Rutherford and I have been playing soccer for numerous
years. I have heard about the dispute regarding Hooman, and I'm for Hooman.
Hooman should not be denied his right to play soccer because he quit during
the Fall season. Not every player in any sport get's along with their coach,
and I can understand why Hooman would quit under those circumstances. I think
all the parents are fighting for petty reasons and a child is suffering
because of it. The Rec Program is suppose to be for us kid's benefit, and I
don't see any benefit being made for Hooman. Your all making this out as if
it is a professional sport. Let us kid's have fun. LET HOOMAN PLAY!!!!!!!!!

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