Kolich will take retribution against our children

1/23/1999 from Dr1055@aol.com

Re: Player Coach Dispute:

Dear Editor:

There is a lot of truth to what Mr. Hamzeh says. There are many parents that would like to say what they really feel, but are afraid because we know Mr. Kolich will take retribution against our children. The letter written by Cahill and Giordano was a bunch of garbage. Sure your child is treated fairly if your name is Cahill or Giordano, but there are plenty of kids out there who
have sat through game after game to only be allowed to play 5 minutes, if they were lucky. It is well known how the connection to the receation department stems from Donna Kolich's father. Does that mean that Ken Kolich can appoint himself to President and dictate who can play and who can't? To my knowledge, he was never elected president of Rutherford soccer, he appointed himself. Why is he allowed to pick and choose who can coach and who can't? Why is it that Mr. DePinto asked Hooman to play on the traveling team and now if he is to play it has to be for Mr. Kolich's team? Is it because he knows that Hooman does not want to play for him and this way he will say no? Then Mr. Kolich can gloat and say "see he didn't want to play anyway?"

This entire soccer league is getting ridiculous. I would like to see Ms. McPhearson send out a survey to the parents and players on the team and anonymously get the replies. If the town council is as concerned as she says they are, then they should dig deeper and they will find that there are many unhappy parents and players. We are just afraid that if we speak up and say
what we feel, that it will be the end of our children playing the sport they love for Rutherford.

Soccer is becoming more and more popular every year. It would be a shame if Rutherford can't keep up with our neighboring towns with our soccer program because of people being afraid of Mr. Kolich. Rutherford needs to keep moving forward with our soccer programs and continue to progress. By allowing Mr. Kolich to continue to dictate and making himself clear that you are either with him or you don't play, will only push the soccer program back a decade.

As for Mr. Klunk, the only way I can rationalize what he is doing is to say that the more authority he gives Mr. Koilch, the less work he has to do. He can just sit back and let Mr. Kolich do all the decision making. After all, isn't he in a civil service job? Could we even fire him if we wanted to?

The Rutherford council needs to take a serious look at what is going on in the recreation department, especially with soccer.

Regarding the Rules: Look at
#3 Playing in another town sport or in another in town recreation program during a scheduled travel team game is not an exceptable excuse. Then why was it all right for Mr. Kolich's son to miss soccer practices and games because his baseball coach forbids him to miss baseball to play soccer during "basball season?" Again it is just another example of how these rules were made up so that he can enforce them when he wants!! They will not be enforced for
everyone, just when it suits his needs.
#5 Who determines what is an excused absence?
#7 All children are subject to approval by the league president, well who approved the president??

How can you set rules and regulations to be enforced in the middle of the season? How can you tell paents that they must sign and return by January 30th? OR WHAT?? If you don't sign, your child will not be allowed to play?

I think the town council should form a committee that is unbiased. Let them decide who should be president. There should also be a board appointed and not hand picked by Mr. Kolich. If he rules and picks the board, what is the sense of even having a board? It's obvious that certain people will do anything to guarantee their child a spot on the team, even if it means losing long time freindships.

Well Ms. McPhearson, do you still want to help??


Concerned Parent