The soccer rules and regulations are a disgrace

1/20/1999 from

Dear Editor:

In response to Mr.Hamzeh's fax to Mr. Klunk, I totally agree with Mr.Hamzeh.
The soccer rules and regulations are a disgrace made up to benefit only the
"President" of the league and are totally one directional.  This gives the "President" the authority to choose whatever coach or "friends" he wants to participate, also whatever players he wants to choose with total disregard for opinions of others.  The irony of the situation is that the other party, Mr. Klunk who also is authorizing the policies we all know is going to agree with anything the "President" wants.
As we have seen from the Hooman Hamzeh case. This makes it totally one sided and
very uncaring as to the feelings of the other "citizens" that live in the town.  My question is are these policies being set forth for all travelling programs or just for the soccer program?

I also want to know was the "President" an elected "President" or did he appoint himself?