I am on Mr. Kolich's side

1/16/99 ACMILAN34@aol.com

Dear Editor,
I am a seventh grade student at Pierrepont School.I know Hooman very well as
well as Mr.Kolich.I truly have to say that I am on Mr.Kolich's side.Mr.Kolich
discovered my talent in soccer and selected me to play for the Rutherford
traveling team in 1995.I had a great time being on his team.After the 1998
season,I transferred to the town of Kearney.When I told Mr.Kolich,he accepted
the fact that I was playing for a different team.He didn't take the matter
personally and respected my decision.Mr.Kolich's son and I are very good
friends and we'll continue to be.Mr.Kolich streses the idea of good
sportsmanship and playing with the right attitude.Mr.Kolich yells when he has
to.He doesn't do it for punishment, but for a good cause.HE does it so we can
learn and take our mistakes seriously so we can improve them and hopefully
develop confidence in our weak areas.Mr.Kolich treats every player on his team
equally.Rutherford was my first team and Mr.Kolich was my first coach.His
purpose of running laps greatly influenced my fitness level.I hope I can carry
this fitness level through high school and college.He also takes his job as
President serously.Without Rutherford Soccer,I wouldn't be in the position I
am today.
Yours Truly,