From: Pete and Laurie Schiro

1/14/99 from

Dear Editor,
This is yet another response to all the letters written in response to
"Player-Coach Dispute."
We think that it is a shame that what is supposed to be a soccer league for
children is turning into a fight amongst adults. Both Ken Kolich and Gino
DePinto have been instructing our boys in soccer for many years. It is a
wonderful thing that 2 EQUAL teams were formed this year allowing more boys to
be able to play during this indoor soccer season. Now that the boys are
playing in a 14 and under division, it only allows for four field players and
one goalie. This means that less boys are needed for each game. By forming two
teams, we have afforded more boys playing time.
At the original tryouts, there were not enough boys to form two such teams.
EACH coach contacted individual players to see if they were interested in
playing during this season. The extra contacts allowed two teams to be formed.
The choices that each coach made were their individual decisions. It is not up
to any of us to judge those choices. Each coach has an individual coaching
style and demeanor. It doesn't make one better or worse than the other. Just
as a child may love one teacher and yet another child may hate that same
teacher, so it can go with coaches.
Instead of pitting one coach angainst another, why can't we just play soccer.
If Mr. Hamzah disagrees with the decisions of Coach Kolich and Mr. Klunk, then
let him take his case to the powers that be. Let us not create a soccer league
divided because of something that none of us, except the coaches involved,
know all the facts to. Let's not react to hearsay and innuendoes. If Mr.
Mamzah truly feels that his son has been discriminated against, then he will
have to proceed through the proper channels in a proper manner. Trying the
case on the internet or in the press can only cause dissension amongst the two
Both coaches have been intrusted with our boys. Both coaches have individual
styles. Just as no two snowflakes are alike, neither are these two coaches.
There are lessons to be learned from both of them.
Please let us remember that we are setting an example for our children. If we
become bitter and resentful, so will they. Let us remain optimistic and Pray
that all can be resolved in a fair and peaceful manner.
Both coaches derserve praise for the time and effort that they give our boys.
Let's be thankful for both of them and just move on.

Pete and Laurie Schiro