Player-Coach dispute in soccer team

The Rutherford recreation department refused to register Hooman Hamzeh for the in-door soccer team.

In mid December 1998 Hooman was invited to play on the team by the new coach Mr. DePinto. Hooman accepted the offer and attended one of the first practice sessions of the team. Almost immediately after that, Hooman's former coach Mr. Ken Kolich who is also a parent and the president of the soccer league informed Mr. DePinto that Hooman is not allowed to play. Mr. DePinto questioned Mr. Kolich about this decision, but in response he also was threatened to be replaced or forced to quit.

Hooman's parents contacted The Rutherford recreation department, but they were referred to Mr. Kolich.

Why Mr. Kolich doesn't want Hooman to Play?

Mr. Kolich says because Hooman quitted my team two times in the past, he let the team down, and we need players who are committed to the team.

Hooman says he doesn't like me, he yells at me, I don't know why?

The recreation department says Mr. Kolich is the president of the league and we approve what he says.

Hooman's parent ask who made Mr. Kolich the president and who gave him rights to discriminate and exclude a child from recreational activities of his town?

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Mr. Hamzeh sent a letter questionning Rutherford recreation department about their decision. Mr Hamzeh has not received any response from Recreation department but we have received an e-mail from Cahill and Giordano Families regarding that letter.

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