Regulations for Traveling teams ???

Editors remark: Following is a copy of Traveling Teams Regulation Prepared and approved by Borough attorney Mr. Mike Donovan, Councilwoman Ms. Bernadette P. McPherson, Joe Klunk and Ken Kolich.




Please review the following rules and regulations with regard to the Rutherford Recreation Department Travelling Teams:


  1. All children are required to attend tryout or tryouts for travelling teams, unless some form of extenuating circumstances exist at time of tryout. This exception is subject to the approval of the League President and Superintendent of recreation.
  2. Playing on a travelling team is a privilege. Coaches, players and parents are representing the Borough of Rutherford and should conduct themselves accordingly.
  3. Children are required to attend all scheduled practices and games. If a child is unable to participate in a practice or game due to illness, grades, etc., the coach must be notified as soon as possible. Note: Playing another in-town sport or other in-town recreation program during a scheduled travel team game is not an acceptable excuse.
  4. If a child quits a travelling team at any time before or during the season, he/she will not be reinstated.
  5. Any unexcused absence from a practice or game will result in a suspension of one or more games. More than one unexcused absence will result in removal from the travelling team.
  6. Children and parents must understand playing on a travelling team is a commitment. When you play on a travelling team, league rules apply. Keep in mind, league fees paid, officials are hired. If you are not committed to playing, you are letting down your teammates, coaches, and there is a possibility of forfeiture of games and league fines if you don't show up.
  7. All children picked to play on a travelling team are subject to approval by the Rutherford Recreation Department’s League President and the Superintendent of the Recreation.
  8. Payment of registration fee is required before beginning of the season.
  9. If you cannot commit to the above requirements, you must inform the coach so that another child can participate in this program.
  10. These guidelines are intended to ensure: (1) Team Unity (2) Commitment to team and coach (3) Responsibility and adherence to team guidelines.
  11. All other possible breach of rules and regulations not listed above will be discussed and decided upon on a case-by-case basis by the League President and Superintendent of Recreation.
  12. Travelling team coaches are appointed by the League President and approved by the Superintendent of Recreation. Coaches are required to follow all rules and regulations of the Recreation Department.
  13. All effort will be made to allow playing time for each team member. Nevertheless, playing time is at the coach’s discretion.





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