Why Apple in Rutherford Schools?

 Some Rutherford residents are still asking why apple computers are being used in the Rutherford School System. Two years ago, The Rutherford board of education prepared a defensive multi-page report on why Rutherford schools have decided to stay with apple computers and mailed it to many or all parents of Rutherford Students. What was missing in the report was the opinion of those who have probably objected purchasing more Apple computers. Also, the report did not show if this is a group decision or the decision of one person?

Now your opinion as a student or parent can be published in this page with all the details. Lets find the facts and collect some statistics to show what percentage of Rutherford families want to stay with apple computers and what percentage want to switch.

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 1/18/199 from Ben11ben@aol.com

The reason for Apple's computers in the school system is straightforward.  At
one time Apple offered the best educational discounts of any manufacturer.

The advantages of the old Apple operating system over PC DOS were not
tremendous, but the MAC changed all of that.  Later versions of Windows are
nearly as good as the Mac OS, so THAT issue is becoming a moot point.

The Apple infrastructure in the schools, the expertise that has developed, and
the comfort level that they afford is an important consideration.  Apple's
overall market share is now quite small, with a NOTABLE exception.  The
GRAPHIC ARTS applications are rabidly defended by their users, and most of
that industry.  Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Quark Express are the
standards of the workplace.  There is some spill over into related fields;
i.e., video editing, solids modeling, etc., but these are small pieces.

The larger problem lies in the common office environment.  Microsoft Word,
Excel, and Access, and PowerPoint under Windows have an enormous share of the
business application market.  To hold a summer job, help out over school
breaks, or enter the job market, Windows experience is requested.  The fact
that Microsoft is one of the largest suppliers of Mac software helps with
cross platform issues, but it's always better to have personal experience with

Windows machines can be acquired at lower cost than most Macs, and would do
well as keyboarding and basic letter-writing training equipment.

Not having AutoCAD in the advanced labs is a bit of a disadvantage, but
Photoshop is right at home.  The advantages of homogeneous networks should be
weighed against the factors mentioned above, and a fuller explanation should
be offered to the tax-paying public.

Larry Goldberg
Pierrepont student parent